Welcome Adventurers, Opportunists, Survivors and Wanderers to the wonderful world of Surona…

Or what was once a beautiful planet, full of life, love and a hidden hatred that boiled over time till it exploded.

The year was 1427 atm (after the millennium), the world of Surona was in middle of it’s technological discover era. Machines flew through the skies as easily as they swam through the ocean. People discovered that they could create and replace damaged organs and parts if they were injured. In truth they were close to reaching their Golden Age.

But every story must take a turn for the worse and even the citizens of Surona could not escape this fact.

Nobody knows who threw the first stone that fateful day, but it was thrown and the world was never the same. War started and never stopped, decades past before finally it happened. The reliable power sources of both sides had finally taken enough abuse from their constant use and blew. Covering the world with a radioactive haze.

With the world above no longer liveable, the citizens of the planet went below to survive, this is where our story lies.

Surona-Nuclear Redux